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For our foreign guests

English Beauty Treatment Menu



We have a wide variety of facials and other treatments available. Here is just a sample of some of what we offer.

A comprehensive English menu is available upon request in the salon.



Pure Collagen Facial / 生コラーゲンフェイシャル    45 mins    ¥8,000
This luxurious facial uses pure collagen, renowned for its moisturising properties, to replace lost moisture and improve elasticity leaving your skin feeling soft, subtle and uplifted.

Sliming Facial / 顔痩せフェイシャル    60 mins    ¥7,000
Our slimming facial dissolves fat, impurities and unseen cellulite under the skin leaving you with a noticeably slimmer & uplifted face line. This facial also uses collagen and especially recommended for people suffering from a stiff neck or shoulders. The course includes: cleansing, treatment for the face, neck & shoulders, together with a facial pack & moisturiser.

Optional Extras

Deep Cleansing Treatment / ディープクレンジングトリートメント    25 mins    + ¥5,000
Patented in France, our deep cleansing process removes dirt and impurities from your pores using a warm mask. This is followed by a whitening ionic treatment to help stimulate the skin cells leaving your skin cleansed, moisturised and refreshed.

Power Lift Treatment / パワーリフトトリートメント    25 mins    + ¥5,500
Excessive water retention and impurities are dispelled using a soft electric current; Power Lift is also effective in stimulating your lymph glands and improving your circulation. The finished result is a noticeable lift in your face line.

Anti-Aging Photo Treatment / アンチエイジングフォトトリートメント    15 mins    + ¥4,000
The latest in skin care, our Anti-Aging Photo treatment makes your skin not only look brighter but also younger. Outstanding results can be obtained by taking this treatment on a regular three weekly basis.

Decorte / デコルテ    15 mins   + ¥3,000
This optional upper body massage includes the cleansing and massaging of the neck, shoulders and chest and is a perfect addition when combined with any of our facials.

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3-MAX Ultimate Slimming Machine – Introductory Offer!!

Liposuction without incision!

This 3-in-1 machine performs cavitation, radio wave and crush absorbing actions all at the same time (up until now such treatments have only been available separately).

Especially for those seeking the perfect body, this world renown incision free liposuction treatment is now available at a special introductory price*

Choose which part of the body you’d like to work on such as the stomach, hips, thighs, calves, waist, upper or lower back, the upper arms etc.

60 minute treatment of chosen area \16,000 -> \5,500


☆ The benefits of 3-MAX ☆
  • Your skin is visibly smoother and softer
  • A better metabolism & improved circulation promote a stronger immune system through better body temperature regulation
  • Helps to eliminate cellulite & also decreases the number of fat cells present in the body to reduce chances of future weight gain
  • Soothes aches & pains, swelling and constipation

* The introductory offer price only applies to the initial 60 minute treatment.


TechniSPATechniSPA Whole body / テクニスパ 全身    60 mins   ¥23,000
With its 3-in-1 action, TechniSPA breaks down fat; reduces cellulite and stimulates the skin leaving you with a beautiful all over bodyline. This is a complete body treatment.

Back Massage / バックマッサージ    30 mins   ¥6,500
A total back massage using a luxurious moisturising gel. This soothing massage also removes impurities from the skin leaving it feeling clean, subtle and very relaxed.


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Eyelash Curl Package / まつ毛カールセット    60 mins   ¥5,500
Taking into account the shape of your eyelids we curl your eyelashes as you’d like them. After curling we apply a treatment to your eyelashes to prolong the life of your new curls. A complimentary head massage is also included in the package for your comfort. Our procedure is safe for those with sensitive skin or dry eyelashes.

Eyelash Extensions / まつ毛エクステンション    80 Eyelashes    ¥9,600    Unlimited    ¥13,000
During an initial consultation we discuss your desired curliness, length, shape, thickness and volume of your lashes together to create your perfect eyelash extensions. With your new eyelash extensions you’ll notice that the time it takes to do your daily makeup is significantly reduced.

Please note: Existing work from other salons may need to be removed prior to treatment.

(25% off for repeat treatments if within one month)

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Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal / 脱毛

Underarm / ワキ¥3,000
Bikini line / ビキニライン¥4,000
Lower Arms / ひじ下¥7,000
Lower Legs / ひざ下¥12,000

This treatment is ideally for customers with brown or black hair and a white or yellowish complexion. For people with other hair and skin types we recommend our Wax Hair Removal treatment.

Wax Hair Removal / ワックス

Underarm / ワキ¥3,200
Lower Arms / ひじ下¥4,500
Lower Legs / ひざ下¥5,500

Using natural honey wax, this treatment removes body hair harmlessly. Treatment for other areas not listed is available upon request.

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Men’s Collagen Facial    50 mins   ¥8,500
We begin by cleansing your pores to remove any excess oil, then follow with a facial massage, facial pack and moisturiser. Our men’s facial is especially formulated to meet the needs and demands of today’s male customers.

Back Massage    40 mins   ¥8,500
A full back massage which also removes dirt cleanses pores and stimulates pressure points to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Epi Laser Hair Removal
Using a thermal laser treatment to reduce hair re-growth this procedure can be taken at intervals anywhere between once every 5 months up to as often as once a month, depending on your hair type.

Face (including the neck)¥15,000

Other areas available upon request.

Please note: This treatment is only suited for customers with brown or black hair and a white or yellowish complexion.

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